jueves, 8 de enero de 2009


Stuck on the side of the dawn, fishes run, dive around us, with their jaws biting our sweet legs...

You, me, our hands, stuck to each other, water on our feet, wind on our hair.

I love you 'cause I need you, not because I need to, I love you 'cause I've never known how to love someone, and with you everything's different, magical... you've teached me how to do it, how to be myself, how to found myself...

Maybe it's not real, it's just the way you feel it, the way I feel it, don't be afraid to love, no sense, no sense at all... no.

Give the words to say something, and I'll speak, no doubt. What else?


Fuck. Everybody laugh, you laugh, we laugh, he laughs... no.

Touch your hair, it's soft, ain't it? Yeah, it is. Soft. And smells like heaven (if it's real at all). Your eyes are beautiful, your smile too. Could I kiss you?

Absolutely! Sounds cool. I'm talking about music, muzik... music. Rock 'n' roll and all that stuff, you know. Things people don't really like, you know. They talk too much, they pretend to feel too much, but we don't believe them. No.

It's weird, so weird, I swear this will be the last time, I wanna cry and stuck myself under the pillow. Forget about everything. Everyone. But not you, no.
Building my own grave, that's what I'm doing.

I like eating lemons in the morning.

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